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My favorite videos from my personal channel.

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Mediated Videos featuring me!

Sledgehammer - A mediated cover featuring me making music with Peter Gabriel.


Who Will Love Me As I Am - A multitrack duet from the Broadway music Side Show


Prayer of the Children - My first one man choir (2013).


Leavin - My first try at video editing from 2009 featuring a song by Jesse McCartney.


Harmony Collage - My first barbershop quartet (2009).




My collaborations

Will I - With 27 of my friends, we sing a song from the Broadway musical Rent. The catch is we filmed all of our videos at different times and different places.


My Stupid Mouth - My friend Nick Humbles and I performed this John Mayer song 7 different times across the University of Illinois campus. The recordings were then pieced together to create one continuous version of the song.


When I'm Gone - More popularly known as The Cup Song, my friend Sarah Sensenbrenner and I created this music video using a record then lip-sync fashion so that we could play around with my many stuffed penguins.

One Take Tracks

Danisnotonfire is Ironic a Parody of mine to the tune of Tomorrow from Annie.


Porcelain by Marianas Trench


Role of a Lifetime from the musical Bare: A Pop Opera


The Middle by Jimmy Eat World (just the guitar solo)


Your Song by Elton John


Evocacion by Jose Luis Merlin on classical guitar



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