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Below are the links to the publications I have written or edited with a little information about each of the writings.

Participatory culture and informal music learning through video creation in the curriculum

International Journal of Community Music

With the emergence of YouTube, social media, and video creation technologies, music education can expand its scope to include video-based music creation. This multi-modal study examines how undergraduate music education students created music videos during an informal music... (in press, link not yet available)

Using informal education through music video creation

General Music Today

Music video creation provides students a new way to express themselves and become better performers and consumers of media. This article provides a new perspective on Lucy Green’s informal music pedagogy by enabling students to create music videos in music classrooms; thus, students are... (more)

The pedagogical implications of the collaborative video log

Annual Proceedings: On the Practice of Educational Communications and Technology 2013

Group work has been a popular pedagogical practice because of its potential to integrate collaboration and learning. However, there are pitfalls to group-work projects such as disproportionate workload, appropriate assessment, and intergroup drama... (more)

The YouTube Effect: How YouTube Has Provided New Ways to Consume, Create, and Share Music

International Journal of Education & the Arts

This case study about a teenage musician, Wade Johnston, sug- gests how YouTube has affected music consumption, creation, and sharing. A literature review connects education, technology, and media. Informal learning, digital literacy, and... (more)

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