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Enjoy exploring my YouTube channels


Each channel focuses on something different.

Spend some time on each of them and do not forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

A place where I put my performances, musical experiements, and anything else I feel the need to publish online. This channel, created on August 12, 2006 holds the online identity of my personal life. The vlogs I love, the musicians that inspire me, and the silly videos that make me laugh can be found here.

A place where I make instructional videos, post class projects, and share tutorials. Whenever my students need to know something, whether they are part of my studio or my classroom, they can go here to learn something useful.

It started on January 14, 2013 with four friends and me. We each posted a vlog on the weekdays talking to each other about music, sharing our experiences, and encouraging others to learn more and make more music. FAMuX2.0 is reemerging with four newmembers to carry on the tradition of sharing music with each other and the viewers.

EPSFourFifteen took the collaborative vlog idea from pop YouTube icons like The Vlog Brothers, Five Awesome Girls, and Five Awesome Guys. However, in EPSFourFifteen, the members took the concept into the classroom and learned about educational technology from each other. This pedagogical model has been the basis of some of my research as well as my teaching.

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