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Dr. Christopher Cayari is a researcher, performer, and consultant that will come to your institution, event, or workshop. Click on one of the arrows below the pictures and descriptions below to start dreaming about bringing Dr. Cayari to your school, organization, or event. You can email them directly by clicking here.

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Presentations, Discussions, and Lectures

The Music of Video Game Fandoms and how Video Games Inspire Learning, Community, and Content Creation Online - Join Dr. Cayari on a journey of looking at musicians who create cover videos of video game music that they publish on YouTube. Presented in a video pecha kucha style (video and voice over), Dr. Cayari shares the stories from over 20 case studies of video game musicians and how they went beyond just amassing large view counts and audiences to build online communities that allowed people to interact with others, make music together, and learn.

Fanception: How Online Content Creation develops fandoms within fandoms within fandoms - Fandoms form around popular culture, and  fans often create content to post online to pay tribute to their favorite media. In music, the cover video is a common form of derivative content, and musicians using sites like YouTube and TikTok often publish cover videos of music from or about their favorite fandom. In turn, these cover artists might gain a following of their own and thus a new fandom is born. This presentation shares multiple case studies that show how creating derivative content begets fandoms within fandoms within fandoms.

Empowering Marginalized Voices on YouTube through Musical Content Creation - YouTube can serve as a platform for people from marginalized communities to produce content, find a supportive community, and express their identities. This multiple case study presentation features how race, ethnicity, gender, and sexulaity influences the identity of a musician and how that plays into the way they create music and interact with others on their social media.

Fandom, community, and online content

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