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Examples of Students' Work


Exemplar Projects

Some of my favorite projects done by my students while in my class

Music Video Creation Research

A digital poster presented at a conference featuring clips from my students' music video creation projects. The study will be published in 2015 in the International Journal of Community Music.

Hide and Seek (Euphonium)

A student and his friend arranged Imogen Heap's song for a eupohonium quartet and each recorded 2 parts to create this beautiful cover.

Who Says (HS music video)

Three high school students found a karaoke track, recorded their vocals, and made a music video like their hero, Selena Gomez.

Virtual Rounds

Students submit a video and they are included into a collective virtual ensemble

Two Birds (Round)

Instead of being assessed for performing live, students were given the option to send in a recording of themselves playing their test. Videos were then compiled to create a round.

Video Name

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Hey, Ho, Nobody Home

We sang a round in class. Then students were asked to take a  "selfie video."  Students' "point of view" videos were then compiled to make a round

Collaborative Vlogs

Examples of students interacting with each other via Youtube

CVL Final Goodbye Discussion – Green Eggs & HAAAM

“What performer were you most influence by?”

“What’s your favorite way to make music?”

Experimentations in Improvisation

Try clicking on these video and playing them at the same time. See how they line up.
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