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Show Choir as a Popular Music Ensemble in Choral Music Education

Show choir, the art of performing choreographed movement while singing, may be seen as controversial among choral educators because of its use of popular music, perceived expensive cost, and emphasis on dancing. This poster is derived from a literature review that explores the research on show choir and connects it to other studies in choral music education to better understand its place as part of the choral education experience. Though there is a scarcity of research literature on show choir, the review draws sources from books, dissertations, and theses pertaining to the performance style. Articles from prominent music education research journals are used to supplement the literature on show choir. The three areas reviewed are historical research, common practices among show choir directors, and student motivation as it pertains to show choir. Show choir can be a viable option for music educators to expand their choral music program with popular music.

This research poster presents a literature review of the research written about show choir prior to 2013. Click one of the following links for more information. Pictures used with permission from Weaver & Hart (2011).

Show Choir as Popular Music Ensemble Poster
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Show Choir Abstract and Bib
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