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Becoming a ‘Trans Synth Queen’

YouTube, electronic music composition, and coming out


Educators can develop musical learning experiences that help trans students explore, develop, and celebrate their genders and identities through music. This case study explored how a well-established YouTube musician, Amie Waters, used social media platforms and her music to express herself as she came out as a trans non-binary femme person to her audiences online. Amie found trans resources and role models on online platforms, which helped her develop her identity as a non-binary person. She used online media, particularly YouTube, to present her self-image while interacting parasocially with others who provided her emotional, creative, and financial support. Amie’s YouTube channel included coming out in which she explained who she was, her gender, and how her music helped her understand herself and process emotions. Her musical releases on YouTube helped Amie construct, perform, and express her identity. Amie’s experiences and practices informs how music educators might encourage trans students to pursue music—both online and offline—that expresses their gender and other aspects of their identities in positive and meaningful ways.

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